Volume 2 (2009) / Volume 1 (2008)

Volume 2 - 2009

Editor’s Note - Luke Eric Lassiter
Collaborative Archaeologies - Edited by Celeste Ray

       Introduction: Emerging Consensus and Concerns in Collaborative Archaeological Research - Celeste Ray

       Mapping Indigenous Histories: Collaboration, Cultural Heritage, and Conservation in the Amazon - Michael J. Heckenberger

       (Re)Engaging With the (Un)Known: Collaboration, Indigenous Knowledge, and Reaffirming Aboriginal Identity in the Torres Strait Islands, NE Australia - Liam M. Brady

       Archaeological Collaboration with American Indians: Case Studies from the Western United States - Wendi Field Murray, Nicholas C. Laluk, Barbara J. Mills, and T. J. Ferguson

       Crafting Collaborative Archaeologies: Two Case Studies from New England - Elizabeth S. Chilton and Siobhan M. Hart

Experiments - Co-edited with Samuel R. Cook

       Introduction: The Collaborative Power Struggle - Samuel R. Cook

       Can There Be a Critical Collaborative Ethnography? Creativity and Activism in the Seventh Ward, New Orleans - Rachel Breunlin and Helen A. Regis

       “Talk to the People on the Streets, NOT the People in the Suites”: Reflections on Collaborations with “Mr. Black” - Micah F. Morton and E.L. Thomas-Smith

       Like a Mountain: Performing Collaborative Research with Youth in Rural Appalachia - Linda Spatig, Shelley Gaines, Ric MacDowell, Betty Sias, Leanne Olson, and Cassi Adkins

Book Reviews

       Improvising Theory: Process and Temporality in Ethnographic Fieldwork (Allaine Cerwonka and Liisa H. Malkki) - Susan Brin Hyatt

       The Meskwaki and Anthropologists: Action Anthropology Reconsidered (Judith M. Daubenmier) - Larry Nesper

       Archaeology Matters: Action Archaeology in the Modern World (Jeremy Sabloff) - Carol McDavid

       Abalone Tales: Collaborative Explorations of Sovereignty and Identity in Native California (Les W. Field) and Anthropology Put to Work (Les Field and Richard G Fox) - Robin Ridington

       Handbook of Critical and Indigenous Methodologies (Norma K. Denzin, Yvonna S. Lincoln, and Linda Tuhiwai Smith) - James Cedric Woods

       Mediating Knowledges: Origins of a Zuni Tribal Museum (Gwyneira Isaac) - Nancy J. Parezo and Sunny H. Lybarger

Volume 1 - 2008

Editor’s Introduction - Luke Eric Lassiter Available Here

Research Articles

        Beyond Participant Observation: Collaborative Ethnography as Theoretical Innovation - Joanne Rappaport

       “Side by Side, or Facing One Another”: Writing and Collaborative Ethnography in Comparative Perspective - Les W. Field

       Caught in Collaboration - Deepa S. Reddy

       Collaboration Today and the Re-Imagination of the Classic Scene of Fieldwork Encounter - Douglas R. Holmes and George E. Marcus

       Challenging Hegemonies: Advancing Collaboration in Community-Based Participatory Action Research - Jean J. Schensul, Marlene J. Berg, and Ken M. Williamson

       “You Can’t Put a Price On It”: Activist Anthropology in the Mountaintop Removal Debate - Samuel R. Cook

Reflection and Commentary

       Reflections on Collaboration, Ethnographic and Applied - James L. Peacock

       Collaborative Anthropology as Twenty-First Century Ethical Anthropology - Carolyn Fluehr-Lobban

Book Reviews

       Cross-Cultural Collaboration: Native Peoples and Archaeology in the Northeastern United States (Jordan E. Kerber, ed.) - Jon Daehnke

       Collaboration in Archaeological Practice: Engaging Descendant Communities (Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh and T.J. Ferguson, eds.) - Joe Watkins

       Being Lakota: Identity and Tradition on Pine Ridge Reservation (Larissa Petrillo, with Melda and Lupe Trejo) - R. D. Theisz

       Fieldwork Connections: The Fabric of Ethnographic Collaboration in China and America (Bamo Ayi, Stevan Harrell and Ma Lunzy) - Ho Ts’ui-p’ing

       Writing in the San/d: Autoethnography among Indigenous Southern Africans (Keyan G. Tomaselli, ed.) - Megan Biesele and Robert K. Hitchcock

       World Anthropologies: Disciplinary Transformations within Systems of Power (Gustavo Lins Ribeiro and Arturo Escobar, eds.) - Claudia Briones