Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts may be in either English or French, and should not normally exceed 7,000 words. Authors must follow the journal style of formatting and documentation (see A paper not submitted in the desired style may be return to the authors for revision. Manuscripts must be submitted electronically in PDF (not locked) using Editorial Express (see The final version of all accepted manuscripts must be submitted in both PDF and MS Word for copyediting purposes.

Papers are sent to appraisers without the names of the authors. Authors should therefore provide a separate cover sheet with their names and affiliations, and include only the title on the first page of text.

At least one author on all submissions must be a subscriber to the journal. To become a subscriber, contact the University of Toronto Press directly (see information on inside front cover, or follow the Subscription information link on our website).

No manuscript should be submitted that is already under consideration by another journal or publisher. When submitting a paper to Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques for possible publication, an author is implicitly undertaking that the paper is not being considered and will not appear elsewhere. Once a paper has been accepted, the author assigns exclusive world rights to the journal. It is our practice to inform authors if their article is being considered for possible reprinting in another journal or book. Prior publication in Canadian Public Policy/Analyse de politiques must always be acknowledged.