American Journal of Bioethics is a refereed journal, and articles are accepted on a nonrenumerative basis. Submitted manuscripts must contain original material and are reviewed with the explicit understanding that their essential substance or contents have not been nor will be submitted for publication elsewhere. Authors wishing to discuss manuscript ideas are encouraged to call Glenn McGee directly at 215-898-3453 or to write to him at:
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The MIT Press and the American Journal of Bioethics accept no responsibility to the statements and opinions expressed by contributors. The names American Journal of Bioethics and AJOB are copyrighted. Because of rapid advances in the medical sciences, we recommend that the independent verification of diagnoses and drug dosages should be made and that no clinical use of AJOB be attempted. Discussions, views and recommendations as to medical precedures, choice of drugs, and drug use are the responsibility of the authors.

Guidelines for the Submissions of Essays and Target Articles

Please submit two copies of the manuscript conforming to the following requirements:
1. Manuscripts may not exceed 7500 words in length, should be in Microsoft Word or .rtf format, and should be emailed as an attachement to the following address: One paper copy of the submission should be sent to the editorial office of AACE (address below), though submission is not considered complete until the electronic mail attachment is received.
2. Title page: The name, address, and professional affiliation of all authors should appear on the title page.
3. Abstract: An abstract of no more than 150 words should preceed the text of the manuscript. Six keywords should be included for indexing purposes.
4. Graphics: Please convert all graphics to TIFF or EPS format. Line art should be a minimum of 600 dpi, and halftones a minimum of 266 dpi. Please be sure to include a high-quality paper copy of each image.
5. References: Authors are responsible for the accuracy and thoroughness of citations. References cited should follow the guidelines of the author-date system. The author's last name, and the year of publication (with no punctuation between them) is enclosed in parentheses and directly follows the citation.
A. A corresponding list of works cited should appear for titles of books, journal articles, and chapters. Please do not abbreviate the names of journals. Some examples of common citation formats, as well as more guidelines, are provided online at
6. Notes: Avoid extracts, tables and paragraphing in notes.
7. Quotations: Quotations of more than two lines should be set off in a seperate paragraph with double indentation. Quotations of less than two lines may remain in the main body of the text, placed within double quotation marks. All extract citations must inlude page numbers.
8. Copyright: Authors of accepted articles will be asked to sign a Transfer of Copyright form transferring cpoyright to the publisher.

For more information and more specific guidelines, please contact the editorial office at:
3401 Market Street,
Suite 320
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3308

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