Issue 40.1

The Archaeology of Myanma Pyay (Burma)
Miriam T. Stark and Michael A. Aung-Thwin

Issue 41.2

Eastern Polynesia
Patrick V. Kirch and Eric Conte

Issue 42.2

South Asia
Peter G. Johansen, Kathleen D. Morrison, and Namita Sugandhi

Issue 43.2

Asia and the Middle Pleistocene in Global Perspective
Lynn A. Schepartz and Sari Miller-Antonio

Issue 44.1

The Human Use of Caves in Peninsular and Island Southeast Asia
Graeme Barker, Tim Reynolds, and David Gilbertson

Issue 47.1

Maritime Migration and Colonization
Sue O'Connor and Atholl Anderson

Issue 52.1

New Research on Old Museum Collections

Issue 52.2

Landscapes Archaeology in Southeast Asia
Sue O'Connor and Atholl Anderson

Issue 54.1

Current Perspectives on Korean Prehistory
Sue O'Connor and Atholl Anderson