Advertising Rates & Policies

Published Quarterly.

Circulation: 1400

Ad Size Art Size 1x 2x 3x 4x
Full-page 5 x 8 $275 $260 $245 $230
Half-page 5 x 4 200 190 180 170
2-page spread 10 x 8 350 325 300 275

Trim size of print journal = 6 x 9 perfect bound.

Issue Date Insertion Order Due Camera-ready Artwork Due
Winter December 4 December 18
Spring March 11 March 25
Summer July 29 June 12
Fall August 31 September 14

Mechanical Requirements

Publisher requires camera-ready artwork (133-line screen). Will accept mechanicals, photostats, veloxes or negatives (right-reading, emulsion-side down), and laser printouts. Please send only black-and-white artwork. Mail artwork as instructed below, and no print ads on disk please. All bleeds and ad reductions or enlargements charged at $35 per advertisement.


To run all advertisements, publisher requires a signed insertion order that includes the following details: journal name; issue date; ad size; ad insertion frequency and rate; advertiser's complete contact information (name, phone, fax, billing address, email). Payment is due 45 days after receipt of invoice. Publisher cannot cancel reserved ad space on or after insertion-order deadline. Clearly mark all ads with journal name and issue date.

All advertisements are subject to publisher approval. Publisher is not responsible for content of advertisements. All ad rates are subject to change without notice. Contract ads will repeat previously submitted copy if we do not receive new copy by deadline date. Call in advance if submitting date-sensitive ads. Publication and due dates may vary.


Agency discount: 15%. No cash discount.

Advertising agencies are responsible for full payment of all advertising ordered for their clients. Agencies forfeit discounts if we do not receive full payment within 45 days of the invoice date.

Please mail all advertising correspondence to:

Advertising Department
The MIT Press Journals
Five Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
617-253-2866 phone
617-258-5028 fax

List Rental Information

The MIT Press makes its journal subscriber lists available for rental. Please contact us for detailed subscriber counts and breakdowns. Lists are priced at $95 per thousand subscribers (flat fee of $95 for lists under one thousand), with a $95 minimum order. Shipping is additional, and orders are shipped FedEx Standard Overnight unless otherwise indicated. Invoices will be mailed when orders are shipped. Please allow two weeks for delivery. List brokers are granted a 20% discount for orders paid within 45 days.

Available formats include 4-up cheshire, 4-up pressure-sensitive, and comma delimited ASCII file (on an IBM-compatible 3.5" floppy disk). Magnetic tape is NOT available. Lists are run in zip-code order. Keycoding is available (eight characters max).

We welcome list exchanges, especially with other publishers and not-for-profit organizations. Contact the List Manager for details.

For more information, contact:

Mailing List Manager
The MIT Press Journals
Five Cambridge Center
Cambridge, MA 02142 USA
617-253-2866 phone
617-258-5028 fax

For additional advertising or list rental information, please send email to: