restricted access   Volume 3, Number 1, Spring 1998

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From: Israel Studies

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Zionism's Greatest Conceit

pp. 1-23

Citizens, Consumers and Believers: The Israeli Public Sphere between Capitalism and Fundamentalism

pp. 24-44

The Meaning of the Akedah in Israeli Culture and Jewish Tradition

pp. 45-60

Men and Women in Was and Peace

Homefront and Battlefront: The Status of Jewish and Palestinian Women in Israel

pp. 61-84

Peace Now and the Legitimation Crisis of "Civil Militarism"

pp. 85-111


Before the Beginning: The Early History of Israel's Nuclear Project

pp. 112-139

Russia and Israel under Yeltsin

pp. 140-169

The Declaration of Independence: Background and Signigicance

Proclaiming Independence: Five Days in May from Ben-Gurion's Diary

pp. 170-194

The Declaration of Independence as a Basic Document of the State of Israel

pp. 195-210

The Challenge of Adopting a Constitution

Religious Zionism and the Framing of a Constitution for Israel

pp. 211-229

Israel's Constitutional Order and the Kulturkampf : The Role of Ben-Gurion

pp. 230-250

Review Essays

The Zionist Ideology (review)

pp. 251-265

Palestinian Identity: The Construction of Modern National Consciousness (review)

pp. 266-272

Fighting World War Three from the Middle East: Allied Contingency Plans 1945-1955 (review)

pp. 273-276


pp. 277-279