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Editorial Board


    Robert P. Maccubbin, College of William and Mary

    Associate Editor

    Adam Potkay, College of William and Mary

    Editorial Assistants

    John D. Miller
    Chad D. Sandford

    Corresponding Editors

    Wye Allanbrook
    Kevin Berland
    Raymond Birn
    Norman Bryson
    Julia V. Douthwaite
    Cissie Fairchilds
    Beatrice C. Fink
    Gregory L. Freeze
    Herbert Josephs
    Alan Kors
    Susan S. Lanser
    Bruce Lenman
    Jessica Munns
    Wendy Wassyng Roworth
    Valerie Rumbold
    Mona Scheuermann
    Larry Stewart
    Philip Stewart
    Randolph Trumbach
    Daniel Wilson
    John Winton-Ely

    Advisory Editors

    Miles Chappell, Fine Arts
    Timothy M. Costelloe, Philosophy
    William Hausman, Economic History
    Dale E. Hoak, British History
    James Livingston, History of Religious Thought
    Ronald Schechter, French History
    Talbot J. Taylor, Linguistic History