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Table of Contents

  1. Guest Editors' Introduction
  2. Sung-Eun Thomas Kim, Nam Lin Hur
  3. pp. 5-26
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  1. Accidental Influence of a Chinese Canon on Korean Buddhism: The Jiaxing Canon and Its Transmission Effects in the 17th and 18th Centuries
  2. Jong-su Lee
  3. pp. 27-56
  4. restricted access
  1. The Origin of Orthodox Exclusivity in the Formation of Korean Buddhist Identity: Contextualizing the Re-emergence of Korean Buddhism
  2. Sung-Eun Thomas Kim
  3. pp. 101-126
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Research Article

  1. Following in the Footsteps of Wŏnhyo: The Foundation and Development of the Haedong School in Koryŏ
  2. Kwangyoun Park
  3. pp. 127-154
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