restricted access   Volume 38, Number 2, May 2001

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From: Demography

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Racial Intermarriage Pairings

pp. 147-159

The Salience of Pan-National Hispanic and Asian Identities in U.S. Marriage Markets

pp. 161-175

Black-White Unions: West Indians and African Americans Compared

pp. 177-185

Migration and Its Consequences

On the Auspices of Female Migration from Mexico to the United States

pp. 187-200

A Cross-National Comparison of the Impact of Family Migration on Women's Employment Status

pp. 201-213

Longevity and Health

Increasing Longevity and Medicare Expenditures

pp. 215-226

Inequality in Life Expectancy, Functional Status, and Active Life Expectancy Across Selected Black and White Populations in the United States

pp. 227-251

Program Effects in Developing Countries

Women's Health and Pregnancy Outcomes: Do Services Make a Difference?

pp. 253-265

Savings/Credit Group Formation and Change in Contraception

pp. 267-282

Other Studies

The Influence of Remarriage on the Racial Difference in Mother-Only Families in 1910

pp. 283-297

Availability of Child Care in the United States: A Description and Analysis of Data Sources

pp. 299-316