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Table of Contents

  1. “Crist spak hymself ful brode in hooly writ”: Chaucer, Divine Speech, and the Silent Word
  2. Darragh Greene
  3. pp. 1-31
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  1. Restless Rewritings: The Politics of Enigma and Exposure in the Squire’s Tale
  2. Hannah Louise Bower
  3. pp. 32-67
  4. restricted access
  1. Proverbial Wisdom and the Pursuit of Knowledge in the Squire’s Tale
  2. Johanna Kramer
  3. pp. 68-100
  4. restricted access
  1. The Dragon of Love: Chaucer’s Jason and the Cycle of Consumption in the Legend of Good Women
  2. Sarah Harlan-Haughey
  3. pp. 101-128
  4. restricted access