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We thank many guest editors for their contribution to this issue./Nous remercions les nombreux rédacteurs invités pour leur contribution à ce numéro.
  1. COVID-19 and the Gender Employment Gap among Parents of Young Children
  2. Yue Qian, Sylvia Fuller
  3. pp. S89-S101
  4. restricted access
  1. Waiting for Recovery: The Canadian Labour Market in June 2020
  2. Stephen R.G. Jones, Fabian Lange, W. Craig Riddell, Casey Warman
  3. pp. S102-S118
  4. restricted access
  1. Public Responses to Policy Reversals: The Case of Mask Usage in Canada during COVID-19
  2. Anwar Sheluchin, Regan M. Johnston, Clifton van der Linden
  3. pp. S119-S126
  4. restricted access
  1. Do COVID-19 Policies Affect Mobility Behaviour? Evidence from 75 Canadian and American Cities
  2. David A. Armstrong II, Matthew J. Lebo, Jack Lucas
  3. pp. S127-S144
  4. restricted access
  1. Canadian Electricity Markets during the COVID-19 Pandemic: An Initial Assessment
  2. Andrew Leach, Nic Rivers, Blake Shaffer
  3. pp. S145-S159
  4. restricted access
  1. Homeless Shelter Flows in Calgary and the Potential Impact of COVID-19
  2. Ali Jadidzadeh, Ron Kneebone
  3. pp. S160-S165
  4. restricted access
  1. La pandémie immunise-t-elle les Québécois contre l'impôt?
  2. Luc Godbout, Antoine Genest-Grégoire, Jean-Herman Guay, Anthony Pham
  3. pp. S166-S181
  4. restricted access
  1. Playbook for Labour Policies for Novel Shocks Such as COVID-19
  2. Morley Gunderson
  3. pp. S182-S191
  4. restricted access
  1. Automation and Reallocation: Will COVID-19 Usher in the Future of Work?
  2. Joel Blit
  3. pp. S192-S202
  4. restricted access