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Editorial Board


Professor Susan Broomhall
Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (M208)
The University of Western Australia

35 Stirling Highway
Crawley WA 6009
EMAIL editor@parergon.org

Reviews Editor

Dr Hélène Sirantoine
SOPHI, History, A14
The University of Sydney

NSW 2006
EMAIL reviews@parergon.org

Editorial Assistant

Dr Marina Gerzić
Centre for Medieval and Early Modern Studies (M208)
The University of Western Australia

EMAIL marina.gerzic@uwa.edu.au

2018 Early Career Committee

Sarah Bendall, University of Sydney

Ellie Crookes, Macquarie University

Allan Drew, Massey University

Kirk Essary, University of Western Australia

Emma Knowles, University of Cambridge

Amanda McVitty, Massey University

Charlotte-Rose Millar, University of Queensland

Bronwyn Reddan, University of Melbourne

Emma Simpson, University of Queensland

Darren Smith, University of Sydney

Brendan Walsh, University of Queensland

International Editorial Board

Peter Anstey, University of Sydney

Michael Bennett, University of Tasmania

Glyn S. Burgess, University of Liverpool

Margaret Clunies Ross, University of Sydney

Conal Condren, University of Queensland

Helen Cooper, Magdalene College, Cambridge

Joost Daalder, Flinders University

Ian Donaldson, University of Melbourne

David Garrioch, Monash University

Andrew Gillett, Macquarie University

Jane Hardie, University of Sydney

Stephanie Hollis, University of Auckland

Jean Howard, Columbia University

Elizabeth Jeffreys, Exeter College, Oxford

Thomas DaCosta Kaufman, Princeton University

David Lemmings, University of Adelaide

Andrew Lynch, University of Western Australia

Constant Mews, Monash University

Kim Phillips, University of Auckland

Wilfrid Prest, University of Adelaide

Lyndal Roper, Balliol College, Oxford

Anne Scott, University of Western Australia

James Simpson, Harvard University

Stephanie Trigg, University of Melbourne

R. S. White, University of Western Australia

Jocelyn Wogan-Browne, Fordham University

Richard Yeo, Griffith University

Charles Zika, University of Melbourne