restricted access   Volume 18, Issue 2, April 2018

Table of Contents

Cluster on Approaches to Teaching Letitia Elizabeth Landon


pp. 185-190

Landon in the Canon: An Intertextual Approach

pp. 191-199

Teaching "Glocal Landon" within British Romanticism

pp. 201-210

Letitia Elizabeth Landon's "Minstrel Annals" and the Romantic Literature Classroom

pp. 211-224

Retouching Scalar Landon

pp. 225-234

Landon the Equivocal Canonizer: Constructing an Elegiac Chain of Women Poets in the Classroom

pp. 235-245


"Real Research" or "Just for a Grade"?: Ethnography, Ethics, and Engagement in the Undergraduate Writing Studies Classroom

pp. 247-277

Writing Our Academic Selves: The Literacy Autobiography as Performance

pp. 279-293

The Young Archive and First-Year Writing: Using School Stories to Encourage Students' Scholarly Identity

pp. 295-316

Cluster on Teaching Multilingual Writers

Linguistic Diversity as Resource: A Multilevel Approach to Building Awareness in First-Year Writing Programs (and Beyond)

pp. 317-343

Learning How to Support Multilingual Writers: A Framework for Faculty Education

pp. 345-374

From the Classroom

"Ranaway from the Subscriber": Teaching Slave Narratives Using Wanted Advertisements for Fugitive Slaves

pp. 375-385


pp. 387-390