restricted access   Volume 34, Number 1, Spring 2018

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Transing and Queering Feminist Studies and Practices of Religion

Editors' Introduction

pp. 1-4

Letter to the Editors

p. 5

Review Essay

Multiplicity and Contradiction: A Literature Review of Trans* Studies in Religion

pp. 7-23

Across Generations

Becoming Grateful Allies: An Interview with Dr. Virginia Ramey Mollenkott

pp. 25-36

Roundtable: Toward a Transfeminist Religious Studies

Transing Religious Studies

pp. 37-53

In the Image of God, God Created Them: Toward Trans Theology

pp. 53-58

Transing the Study of Religion: A (Christian) Theological Response

pp. 58-63

Transing Religious Studies: Beyond the Secular/Religious Binary

pp. 63-68

"Scotch-Taped Together": Anti-"Androgyny" Rhetoric, Transmisogyny, and the Transing of Religious Studies

pp. 68-75

Transing and Gendering Religious Studies

pp. 75-80

Transing Back the Texts, Queering Jewish Prayer

pp. 80-84

Religion is Already Transed; Religious Studies is Not (Yet) Listening

pp. 84-88

Transing Religion: Moving Beyond the Logic of the (Hetero)Norm of Binaries

pp. 88-92

In a Different Voice

In a Different Voice, and: Nothing Like a Love Sonnet for Greeley, Colorado, or Something Like a Love Poem for Greeley Queers, 1993–1998, and: For Angie Zapata:

pp. 93-96

Excerpt from "The Gospel According to Jesus Queen of Heaven"

pp. 97-99

Special Section: “Queering the Curriculum”: Pedagogical Explorations of Gender and Sexuality in Religion and Theological Studies


pp. 101-109

Queering the Sociology Curriculum: The Case of Belief, Spirituality, and Religion

pp. 111-116

Interdisciplinarity and Theology: Accidentally Queering the Curriculum in a Master's Seminar

pp. 117-123

Queering the "Church and AIDS" Curriculum: Tracing an Improper (and Indecent) Trajectory

pp. 125-130

Effective Pedagogy of Diversity and Inclusivity at Sheffield

pp. 131-136

Precarious Curriculum and Precarious Contexts: Teaching Turbulent Topics in Turbulent Times

pp. 137-142

Bringing Queer into Muslim Spaces: Community-Based Pedagogy in Cape Town

pp. 143-148

Sitting in Difference: Queering the Study of Islam

pp. 149-154

"Reparative Reading" as Queer Pedagogy

pp. 155-160

Diversifying the Higher-Education Curriculum: Queering the Design and Pedagogy

pp. 161-169