restricted access   Volume 21, Number 2, April 2018

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We regret the passing of Dr. Saba Mahmood, a member of the editorial board. Dr. Mahmood was a brilliant scholar and a dynamic and highly original person. She will be sorely missed and we dedicate this issue to her memory.

open access   Introduction

pp. 333-335


Donald Trump, the TV Show: Michael Rogin Redux

pp. 336-357

Nietzsche and Haiti: The Post-Colonial Rebirth of Tragedy

pp. 358-381

From Threat to Walking Corpse: Spatial Disruption and the Phenomenology of "Living under Drones"

pp. 382-410

Opening up Bodies for Harvest:: Embodiment and Global Capitalism

pp. 411-433

Karl Polanyi's Genealogy of Utopian Liberalism

pp. 434-456

The Ideological Algorithmic Apparatus: Subjection Before Enslavement

pp. 457-484

Symposium—Theory at the Frontiers: The Prism of the Biocultural

open access   Introduction

pp. 485-486

A Body's Time: Ontology, Biosociality, Power

pp. 487-494

Biocultural Polymorphic Fields, Receptive Agency and Symbiotic Evolution beyond the Anthropocentric Wave

pp. 495-507

Shattering the Beautiful Illusion: A Critical Review of Biocultural Creatures

pp. 508-517

Are Biocultural Creatures Posthistorical Agents?

pp. 518-528

The Promise and Peril of Scientific Science Studies

pp. 529-538

Thinking and Living Bioculturally: Some Comments on Samantha Frost's Biocultural Creatures

pp. 539-548

The Biocultural is a Pluripotent Concept for Theory: A Response to Six Provocations

pp. 549-561


An Anglo-American Ecology of Militarism: Marzec's Militarizing the Environment

pp. 562-567

Learning from Land: Lerma's Guided by the Mountains

pp. 567-571

What Next?: Cornils' Writing the Revolution

pp. 571-576

The Devil's Perverse Reversals: Kotsko's The Prince of this World

pp. 577-581


pp. 582-585