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Table of Contents

  1. Biology and Impacts of Pacific Islands Invasive Species. 14. Sus scrofa, the Feral Pig (Artiodactyla: Suidae)
  2. Nathaniel H. Wehr, Steven C. Hess, Creighton M. Litton
  3. pp. 177-198
  4. restricted access
  1. Gut Check: Predatory Ecology of the Invasive Wrinkled Frog (Glandirana rugosa) in Hawai‘i
  2. Melissa J. Van Kleeck, Brenden S. Holland
  3. pp. 199-208
  4. restricted access
  1. Speciation and Biogeography in the Hawaiian Endemic Genus Kokia (Malvaceae: Gossypieae)
  2. Clifford W. Morden, Mitsuko Yorkston
  3. pp. 209-222
  4. restricted access
  1. Spatial Variation in a Shallow-Water Sponge-Dominated Reef in Timor-Leste (East Timor)
  2. Elizabeth S. Farnham, James J. Bell
  3. pp. 233-244
  4. restricted access
  1. First Record of Lepidopora (Hydrozoa: Stylasteridae) from the North Pacific Ocean with Description of a New Species
  2. Daniela Pica, Giorgio Bavestrello, Stefania Puce
  3. pp. 245-250
  4. restricted access
  1. Land Snails of Dåno′ (Cocos Island), Mariana Islands
  2. Alexander M. Kerr, G. Curt Fiedler
  3. pp. 263-270
  4. restricted access
  1. Association Affairs
  2. pp. 285-288
  3. restricted access