restricted access   Volume 87, Number 1, Winter 2018

Table of Contents

Monster Studies

Special Issue Editors: Chris Koenig-Woodyard, Shalini Nanayakkara, and Yashvi Khatri

Introduction: Monster Studies

pp. 1-24

The Blatant Beast and the "Endlesse Trace" of Spenserian Romance

pp. 25-41

The Monster's Transformation on American Radio (1930s–50s)

pp. 42-61

Oh the Monstrosity: Vigilante Mobs and Biopolitical Justice in 1930s Film

pp. 62-80

The Mathematics of Monstrosity: Vampire Demography in Richard Matheson's I Am Legend

pp. 81-109

The Difference between Heroes and Monsters: Marvel Monsters and Their Transition into the Superhero Genre

pp. 110-135

The Community of Those Who Do Not Exist: Communication among Monsters in the Films and Novels of Jean Rollin

pp. 136-157

Beyond the Collapse of Meaning: Narratives of Monstrosity in Philip Pullman's His Dark Materials

pp. 158-175

Food for Thoughts: Thinking through Cannibals and Plagiarists

pp. 176-195

The Militarized Shapeshifter: Authorized Violence and Military Connections as an Antidote to Monstrosity

pp. 196-213

Monster Studies: Liminality, Home Spaces, and Ina Vampires in Octavia E. Butler's Fledgling

pp. 214-233

Hyde the Hero: Changing the Role of the Modern-Day Monster

pp. 234-248

This is my Becoming: Transformation, Hybridity, and the Monstrous in NBC's Hannibal

pp. 249-265

"Spread the Word": Creepypasta, Hauntology, and an Ethics of the Curse

pp. 266-280