restricted access   Volume 99, Number 1, March 2018

Table of Contents


Education, Francisation, and Shifting Colonial Priorities at the Ursuline Convent in Seventeenth-Century Québec

pp. 1-29

Policing Morality: Regulating Sexuality across the Canada-United States Border

pp. 30-62

"Eskimo" Immigrants and Colonial Soldiers: Icelandic Immigrants and the North-West Resistance, 1885

pp. 63-97

A Life in History / La vie d’historien/ne

From Making Culture to Making Cultural History

pp. 98-113

Reviews / Comptes rendus

Interpreting Canada's Past: A Pre-Confederation Reader ed. by Michel Ducharme, Damien-Claude Bélanger, and J.M. Bumsted, and: Interpreting Canada's Past: A Post-Confederation Reader ed. by Michel Ducharme, Damien-Claude Bélanger, and J.M. Bumsted (review)

pp. 114-117

A Place in the Sun: Haiti, Haitians, and the Remaking of Quebec by Sean Mills (review)

pp. 117-119

A Prophet in Politics: A Biography of J.S. Woodsworth by Kenneth McNaught (review)

pp. 119-121

On the Side of the Angels: Canada and the United Nations Commission on Human Rights by Andrew H. Thompson (review)

pp. 122-124

Equality Deferred: Sex Discrimination and British Columbia's Human Rights State, 1953–84 by Dominique Clément (review)

pp. 124-126

Without Apology: Writings on Abortion in Canada ed. by Shannon Stettner (review)

pp. 126-128

The Imperial Irish: Canada's Irish Catholics Fight the Great War by Mark G. McGowan (review)

pp. 128-130

Firing Lines: Three Canadian Women Write the First World War by Debbie Marshall (review)

pp. 130-132

L.M. Montgomery and War ed. by Andrea McKenzie and Jane Ledwell (review)

pp. 132-134

Building Better Britains? Settler Societies in the British World, 1783–1920 by Cecilia Morgan (review)

pp. 134-136

Travels and Identities: Elizabeth and Adam Shortt in Europe, 1911 ed. by Peter E. Paul Dembski (review)

pp. 136-138

Finding Directions West: Readings that Locate and Dislocate Western Canada's Past ed. by George Colpitts and Heather Devine (review)

pp. 138-140

From Treaties to Reserves: The Federal Government and Native Peoples in Territorial Alberta, 1870–1905 by D.J. Hall (review)

pp. 140-142

Spaces and Places for Art: Making Art Institutions in Western Canada, 1912–1990 by Anne Whitelaw (review)

pp. 143-145

The Many Rooms of This House: Diversity in Toronto's Places of Worship since 1840 by Roberto Perin (review)

pp. 145-147

Making a Global City: How One Toronto School Embraced Diversity by Robert C. Vipond (review)

pp. 147-150

Bringing Children and Youth into Canadian History: The Difference Kids Make ed. by Mona Gleason and Tamara Myers (review)

pp. 150-152

Sport in Canada: A History by Don Morrow and Kevin B. Wamsley (review)

pp. 152-154

Recent Publications Relating to Canada

pp. 155-167