restricted access   Volume 60, Number 4, Autumn 2017

Table of Contents

Special Issue on the Varieties of Aging

Edited by Muriel R. Gillick

Editor's Introduction to the Special Issue

pp. 457-463

Views of the Challenge of Aging

Aging as Problem and as Mystery

pp. 464-477

Primary Prevention with a Capital P

pp. 478-496

The Varieties of Aging: Frailty and Advanced Illness

Where Has It Gone?: Writing, Loss, and Old Age

pp. 497-502

Serving the Very Sick, Very Frail, and Very Old: Geriatrics, Palliative Care, and Clinical Ethics

pp. 503-518

Organizing Eldercare for Geographic Communities

pp. 519-529

Merchants of Health: Shaping the Experience of Illness Among Older People

pp. 530-548

The Varieties of Aging: Dementia

"Losing My Self": A Poet's Ironies and a Daughter's Reflections on Dementia

pp. 549-568

Cognitive Aging: What We Fear and What We Know

pp. 569-582

The Varieties of Aging: Robust Old Age

A Tale for Our Times: From the Bronx to Chicago in 76 Years

pp. 583-594

Social Determinants of Health at Older Ages: The Long Arm of Early and Middle Adulthood

pp. 595-606

No Country for Old Men: Four Challenges for Men Facing the Fourth Age

pp. 607-614

Review Essay

Modern Death Retold

pp. 615-620