restricted access   Volume 90, Number 4, Fall 2017

Table of Contents

Reciprocal Radicalizing: Commemorating the Work of James A. Boon

Introduced and edited by Ian Whitmarsh and Alexander S. Dent


The Dilemmas of Appreciation

pp. 893-899


Lévi-Strauss's Last Laugh—Encore, Encore: A Medley-essay in L'Entre-deux

pp. 901-929

In Search of Adventure: Simmel and Similar Travels Among Ruins

pp. 931-971

Functionalists Write II: Weird Empathy in Malinowski's Trobriand Ethnographies

pp. 973-1002

Some Winks

pp. 1003-1005

The Devil in the Deal: Notes Toward an Anthropology of Confidence

pp. 1007-1024

Cutting It Short: James Boon's Circumcision

pp. 1027-1052

Aftershocks of Relativity

pp. 1053-1084

New Bedford, Capital of the 19th Century?

pp. 1085-1126

A Boon for Old Times

pp. 1127-1153

Immanent Human(ism)s: Engagements with James A. Boon

pp. 1155-1174

James Boon: Appreciation and an Invitation

pp. 1175-1187

Witnessing Chimpanzee–Human Closeness: Jane Goodall at Gombe and Since

pp. 1189-1235

What's Mine Isn't (and Neither is What's Yours): Desire as Debt, the Lacanian Lack, and the Boonian Gift

pp. 1237-1249

Film Reviews

Illusions in Stone dir. by Brian Brazeal (review)

pp. 1251-1255

New Release Book Reviews

Pharmocracy: Value, Politics, and Knowledge in Global Biomedicine by Kaushik Sunder Rajan (review)

pp. 1257-1267

Everyday Conversions: Islam, Domestic Work, and South Asian Migrant Women in Kuwait by Attiya Ahmad (review)

pp. 1269-1276

Book Reviews

Gramsci's Common Sense: Inequality and Its Narratives by Kate Crehan (review)

pp. 1277-1282

Radical Territories in the Brazilian Amazon: The Kayapó's Fight for Just Livelihoods by laura zanotti (review)

pp. 1283-1285

Upward, Not Sunwise: Resonant Rupture in Navajo Neo-Pentecostalism by Kimberly Jenkins Marshall (review)

pp. 1289-1293

Ebola: How a People's Science Helped End an Epidemic by Paul Richards (review)

pp. 1295-1296

Living Class in Urban India by Sara Dickey (review)

pp. 1299-1304

Crossing the Gulf: Love and Family in Migrant Lives by Pardis Mahdavi (review)

pp. 1305-1309

Violent Becomings: State Formation, Sociality, and Power in Mozambique by Bjørn Enge Bertelsen (review)

pp. 1311-1316

Copts and the Security State: Violence, Coercion, and Sectarianism in Contemporary Egypt by Laura Guirguis (review)

pp. 1317-1321

Exiled Home: Salvadoran Transnational Youth in the Aftermath of Violence by Susan Bibler Coutin (review)

pp. 1323-1326