restricted access   Volume 8, Number 3, Winter 2017

Table of Contents


The “Great Doctrine of Human Rights”: Articulation and Authentication in the Nineteenth-Century U.S. Antislavery and Women’s Rights Movements

pp. 413-439

Humanitarianism Was Never Enough: Dorothy Thompson, Sands of Sorrow, and the Arabs of Palestine

pp. 441-465

Life, Story, Violence: What Narrative Doesn’t Say

pp. 467-483

On Vernacular Rights Cultures and the Political Imaginaries of Haq

pp. 485-509

Dossier on Contemporary Refugee Timespaces


pp. 511-517

Moving Borders

On Humanitarian Architecture: A Story of a Border

pp. 519-521

Beyond Europe, Borders Adrift

pp. 523-525

The Human Costs of Outsourcing Deportation

pp. 527-529

Entering Illegality

An Immigration and Customs Enforcement Home Raid before Church

pp. 531-533

Refusing Refuge at the United States–Mexico Border

pp. 535-537

Necessary Decisions

pp. 539-541

The Logic of Analogy: Slavery and the Contemporary Refugee

pp. 543-546

Archiving Diasporic Futures

The Innocents: Reading Refugees in National Culture and Diasporic Literatures

pp. 547-549

Anglophone Novels from the Tibetan Diaspora: Negotiations of Empire, Nation, and Culture

pp. 551-554

Haitian Refugees and the Guantánamo Public Memory Project

pp. 555-557


War and the Historical Sociology of Human Rights: Violent Entanglements

pp. 559-578


pp. 579-582