restricted access   Volume 173, Winter 2018

Table of Contents

Immersive Theatre

edited by Natalie Alvarez and Aaron Willis

Centrefold Feature

A series of archival documents give us glimpses into Theatre Yes’s pan-Canadian and immersive Anxiety in Edmonton. And, for the walls of immersive theatre fans, a pop-out centerfold poster maps the journey of the artefacts and the cross-country collaborations of Anxiety’s participating companies: Northern Light Theatre (Edmonton), Theatre SKAM (Victoria), LoHiFi Productions (Halifax), Curtain Razors (Regina), Théâtre à corps perdus (Montreal), and Outside the March (Toronto).

Fear + Time

pp. 36-47



pp. 5-8

BRANTWOOD: Canada’s Largest Experiment in Immersive Theatre

pp. 9-14

Deep Lez Immersion: A Conversation with Killjoy’s Kastle Creators Deirdre Logue and Allyson Mitchell

pp. 15-20

Approaching Ambient Drama: Reflections on Two Immersive Experiments

pp. 21-25

For This Land

pp. 26-30

Head Under

pp. 31-35

Sound Immersion

pp. 48-52

Gargantuan: The Thrills and Challenges of Creating Immersive Theatre

pp. 53-58

The Making of Nightmare Dream

pp. 59-64

Origin Story: SKAMpede

pp. 65-70

By Fire

pp. 71-74

Second Person, Singular

pp. 75-78

DECLARATION: When Indians Act

pp. 79-84

Views and Reviews

Editorial: Radical Rehearsals

pp. 85-86

Why Theatre Now?

pp. 87-88

Sovereignty, Spirituality and Resurgence: A Proud Indigenous Theatre Community

pp. 89-91

When More Is More (or Too Much?): Multiple Languages on the Stage

pp. 92-94

Raising the Tent on Circus Research: A Review of Cirque Global: Quebec’s Expanding Circus Boundaries

pp. 95-97

Between the Archive and the Repertoire: History, Memory, Performance

pp. 98-100

Online Feature

Step into the immersive worlds created by six experimental theatre companies when they received mysterious props in the mail from Theatre Yes. A short documentary takes you inside Theatre Yes’ Anxiety, a pan-Canadian collaboration featuring six, ten-minute installations created by some of Canada’s most adventurous small theatre companies: Northern Light Theatre (Edmonton), Theatre SKAM (Victoria), Outside the March (Toronto), LoHiFi Production (Halifax), Curtain Razors (Regina), and Théâtre à corps perdus (Montreal).