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From: Leonardo

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Art Remembering Science

Artists’ Articles

DreamArchitectonics: An Interactive Audiovisual Installation

A-me and BrainCloud: Art-Science Interrogations of Localization in Neuroscience

Artists’ Notes

Refractive Fingerprints of Lenses: Explorations in Light Transformations

The Virtual Reality Art Installation Endocytosis: Evolving from a Flat Land into a Three-Dimensional World

General Articles

Biopoiesis: Electrochemical Media

Warholian Repetition and the Viewer’s Affective Response to Artworks from His Death and Disaster Series

Historical Perspectives

Digital Art: The ’60s to the ’80s, from the Point of View of an Observactor

Concrete Photography: (In-Between) Light Image and Data Image

The Contribution of Desmond Paul Henry (1921–2004) to Twentieth-Century Computer Art


Traces: Mobile Eye Tracking Captures User Sensory Experience in an Outdoor Walking Tour Environment

Special Section: ArtScience

Art in the Sciences of the Artificial

Special Section: Art and War

Are We an Intelligent Race?

Special Section: Papers from the 4th and 5th Balance-Unbalance International Conference: Part 1

Papers from the 4th and 5th Balance-Unbalance International Conference, Part 1

Balance–Unbalance: Transforming Paradigms (Art ↔ Environment)

Water Infrastructure and New Music As Agents of Environmental Awareness

Climate and Music, Beyond Sonification: Balance-Unbalance 2016

The Value of Waste

Esmog Data: Interpreting Air Quality Through Media Art and Design

The Art and Science of Recording The Environment

Visualizations in Economics

Ontohacking: Onto-Ecological Politics in the Algoricene

Water Issues in Chile: How Does a Dry River Sound?

Relationships Between Art, Science and Epistemology: The Earth as a Laboratory and the “Intruder Artist”

Listening to the Ocean in the Desert

Ecocompositional and Performative Strategies for Creative Usage of Everyday Sounds: Creative Semantic Anchoring

Could Human Development Be the Key To Environmental Sustainability?

The Drama of Dengue Fever: Civic-Oriented Journalists, Community and Artists Fighting Dengue

Leonardo Reviews

Playback: A Genealogy of 1980s British Videogames by Alex Wade

Across & Beyond: A Transmediale Reader on Post-Digital Practices, Concepts, and Institutions ed. by Ryan Bishop, Kristoffer Gansing, Jussi Parikka and Elvia Wilk

Screen Ecologies: Art, Media and the Environment in the Asia-Pacific Region by Larissa Hjorth, Sarah Pink, Kristen Sharp, and Linda Williams

Between Film, Video, and the Digital by Jihoon Kim

The Age of Lovecraft ed. by Carl H. Sederholm and Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock

Making Trouble: Surrealism and the Human Sciences by Derek Sayer

Institutional Critique to Hospitality: Bio Art Practice Now ed. by Assimina Kaniari, and: Ciencia Abierta: Singularidad e irrupción en las fronteras de la práctica artistica/Open Science: Singularity and Emergence on the Boundary of Artistic Practice ed. by Ignacio Nieto and Marcelo Velasco

The Apparently Marginal Activities of Marcel Duchamp by Elena Filipovic

Memory in Motion: Archives, Technology, and the Social ed. by Ina Blom, Trond Lundemo and Eivind Røssaak

The Interface: IBM and the Transformation of Corporate Design, 1945–1976 by John Harwood

The Network


It Is Time to Think the Anthropocene! A Manifesto.