restricted access   Volume 96, Number 2, December 2017

Table of Contents

Economic Sociology

Income Inequality and Household Labor

pp. 481-505

Gift-Giving, Disreputable Exchange, and the Management of Donations in a Police Department

pp. 507-527

Gender and Occupations

Publish and Perish?: An Assessment of Gender Gaps in Promotion to Tenure in Academia

pp. 529-559


The Educational Backgrounds of American Business and Government Leaders: Inter-Industry Variation in Recruitment from Elite Colleges and Graduate Programs

pp. 561-589

Tracking Health Inequalities from High School to Midlife

pp. 591-628

Birth Order and College Major in Sweden

pp. 629-659

Conservative Protestantism and Horizontal Stratification in Education: The Case of College Selectivity

pp. 661-689

The Transferability of Skills and Degrees: Why the Place of Education Affects Immigrant Earnings

pp. 691-716

Micro-Educational Reproduction

pp. 717-749

Collective Behavior and Social Movements

The Consequences of Movement Office-Holding for Health Policy Implementation and Social Development in Urban Brazil

pp. 751-778

What a Story?

pp. 779-802

All the Right Movements?: Mediation, Rightist Movements, and Why US Movements Received Extensive Newspaper Coverage

pp. 803-829

Environment and Disaster

The Commons of the Tragedy: Temporary Use and Social Capital in Christchurch's Earthquake-Damaged Central City

pp. 831-850

Natural Hazards and Local Development: The Successive Nature of Landscape Transformation in the United States

pp. 851-875


Managing the Boundaries of Taste: Culture, Valuation, and Computational Social Science

pp. 877-908

Incarceration and Inequality

Custodial Parole Sanctions and Earnings after Release from Prison

pp. 909-934


Erratum to: "From Heterogeneity to Concentration: Latino Immigrant Neighborhoods and Collective Efficacy Perceptions in Los Angeles and Chicago"

pp. 935-937

Erratum to: Disruptive Democratization: Contentious Events and Liberalizing Outcomes Globally, 1990–2004

pp. 939-946

Book Reviews

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Women without Men: Single Mothers and Family Change in the New Russia

pp. 1-2