restricted access   Volume 58, Numbers 1 & 2, Spring & Fall 2017

Table of Contents


p. 5


The Animal Logic of Contemporary Greek Cinema

pp. 7-29

DOSSIER: French Cinema at the Margins: Forgotten Sites, Practices, and Discourses, 1920–1960

Introduction: French Cinema at the Margins

pp. 33-37

Cinephiles, Criminals, and Children: Discourses and Practices of Cinema Education in 1920s Paris

pp. 38-51

Toward a History of French Ecocinema: Nature in Dimitri Kirsanoff’s Modernity

pp. 52-66

For a Concrete Aesthetics: Against Avant-Garde Film c. 1930

pp. 67-78

“To Show the People in Paris How We Live Here”: Working-Class Representation, Paul Carpita, and Film History

pp. 79-89

“The Last Amateurs of Pure Cinema”: Ciné-Clubs and French Film Culture, 1930–1945

pp. 90-99


Star Gazing via Documentary

pp. 100-118

DOSSIER: The Fan as Doppelgänger


pp. 121-127

Fan and its Paratexts

pp. 128-143

Embodiment and Stardom in Shahrukh Khan’s Fan

pp. 144-160

Doubling Offscreen and Onscreen: Queering the Star and the Fan in Fan

pp. 161-172

The Mirror of Desire: Queerness, Fan, and the Riddles of Paheli

pp. 173-186

Double Trouble: SRK, Fandom, and Special Effects

pp. 187-208

Interview with Manu Anand, Director of Photography of Fan

pp. 209-226


Neither Day Nor Night: Peggy Ahwesh’s Palestinian Essays

pp. 227-261