restricted access   Volume 3, Number 2, Fall 2017

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

Uwa Umu-Nwanyi: The World of Women, The World of Women's Children

pp. v-xiv


In Search of the Historical Madam Suakoko: Liberia's Renowned Female Kpelle Chief

pp. 1-38

Queer Crossings: Kinship, Marriage, and Sexuality in Igboland and Carriacou

pp. 39-66

Intellectual Housewives, Journalism, and Anglophone Nationalism in Cameroon, 1961–1972

pp. 67-92


Male Daughters, Female Husbands at Thirty

pp. 93-101

Understanding African Marriage and Family Relations from South Africa to the United States

pp. 102-108

The Ambiguity of Gender: Ifi Amadiume and the Writing of Gender History in Igboland

pp. 109-116

When We Discovered Gender: A Retrospective on Ifi Amadiume's Male Daughters, Female Husbands: Gender and Sex in an African Society

pp. 117-123

A Philosopher with a Plan: Reflections on Ifi Amadiume's Male Daughters, Female Husbands

pp. 124-130

Gender Field Experience, Method and Theory

pp. 131-138

The Teaching Scholar

Becoming Classic: "Sitting on a Man" at Forty-Five

pp. 139-145

"Sitting on a Man": Forty Years Later

pp. 146-155

Judith Van Allen, "Sitting on a Man," and the Foundation of Igbo Women's Studies

pp. 156-165

Making It Ethical to Study Africa: The Enduring Legacies of "Sitting on a Man"

pp. 166-172

Man Sitting with Judith Van Allen

pp. 173-182

Judith Van Allen and the Impact of Her Article "'Sitting on a Man': Colonialism and the Lost Political Institutions of Igbo Women" in the Classroom

pp. 183-189

Politics and the Writing of "Sitting on a Man"

pp. 190-199

Book Reviews

Shi'i Cosmopolitanisms in Africa: Lebanese Migration and Religious Conversion in Senegal by Mara A. Leichtman (review)

pp. 200-203

Africa and France: Postcolonial Cultures, Migration, and Racism by Dominic Thomas (review)

pp. 204-206

"Life Not Worth Living": Nigerian Petitions Reflecting an African Society's Experiences during World War II (African World Series) ed. by Chima J. Korieh (review)

pp. 207-210