restricted access   Volume 9, Number 1, Fall 2017

Table of Contents

Editor's Notes

pp. 1-2

Errata Notes for 9.1 (corrections from 8.2 Issue)

p. 3

Errata Notes for 9.1 (corrections from 8.2 Issue)

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Timbuktu: What Call to Action?

pp. 7-21

Sentimentalizing Racial Reconciliation in the "New South Africa": Cinematic Representation of the 1995 Rugby World Cup

pp. 22-46

All Tangled Up: Intersecting Stigmas of Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Mariana Rondón's Bad Hair

pp. 47-61

Color/blindness in Sheri Hagen's Auf den zweiten Blick

pp. 62-79


On the Commerce of Intimacy: Dany Laferrière on How to Make Love to a Negro… and Heading South

pp. 80-105

Close-Up: Beyoncé: Media and Cultural Icon

Introduction: Who is Beyoncé?

pp. 106-113

Beyoncé's Digital Stardom

pp. 114-130

Surviving the Hustle: Beyoncé's Performance of Work

pp. 131-145

Queen Bey and the New Niggerati: Ethics of Individualism in the Appropriation of Black Radicalism

pp. 146-163

Beyoncé's Black (Ab)Normal: Baaad Insurgency and the Queerness of Slaying

pp. 164-178

Ass You Lick It: Bey and Jay Eat Cake

pp. 179-188

A Critical View of Beyonce's "Formation"

pp. 189-196

Class Formation: Beyoncé in Music Video Production

pp. 197-204

A Conversation with Salamishah Tillet

pp. 205-216

Frespaco Dossier

Selected English Translations and List of Participants

pp. 218-224

Décoloniser notre imaginaire: Mardi 28 février 2017 – Ouagadougou – Burkino Faso

pp. 226-232

Rapport Général Colloque FESPACO (French)

pp. 234-300

Félicité: Paths of Possibility

pp. 302-303

Félicité: A Lesson in Cinema

pp. 304-306

FESPACO: A Discredited Festival

pp. 308-322

Film Review

Film Review: Killer of Sheep

pp. 323-328

Archival Spotlight

Things I Forgot to Tell You: The Forgotten Legacy of Phil Moore

pp. 329-349

Archival News

pp. 350-355