restricted access   Volume 132, Number 4, September 2017 (French Issue)

Table of Contents

French Issue

Roland Barthes: “To Write, an Intransitive Verb?”
Special Editor: Jacques Neefs

Roland Barthes: « To Write, an Intransitive Verb? »

pp. 799-800

The Reader in a Box : Roland Barthes et la crise de l'auteur

pp. 801-811

« Par » : Barthes et Hugo par eux-mêmes

pp. 812-820

Désir de lire, désir de traduire

pp. 821-828

Doxa/paradoxa: Roland Barthes et l'engagement hors-scène

pp. 829-839

Roland Barthes: le parti pris du sens

pp. 840-850

L'écriture comme un faire

pp. 851-863

Barthes's Death Sentences and the End of Literature

pp. 864-875

Temps et contretemps : Barthes, l'Histoire, le Temps

pp. 876-889

Barthes hier et aujourd'hui : la critique comme échappée

pp. 890-901

Climates Past and Present: Perspectives from Early Modern France
Special Editor: Sara Miglietti

Introduction: The Past and Present of Climate Theories

pp. 902-911

Théorie des climats et cosmopolitisme dans la Sagesse de Pierre Charron

pp. 912-930

The Jesuit Who Wanted to Control the Climate: Père Castel and the Religious Roots of the Anthropocene

pp. 931-952

The Climate of the philosophes during the Enlightenment

pp. 953-985


pp. 986-992

Other Articles

A Transparent Veil: The Secret as Tragic Spectacle in Marguerite de Navarre's Heptameron (1559)

pp. 993-1015

Olivier Rolin's Le Météorologue: Vicarious Witnessing and the Gulag

pp. 1016-1036

Randomness and Narrativity: A Cognitive Reassessment of Fortune and Nonsense in Montaigne's Essais

pp. 1037-1061

Rites of Holy Terror: Sadean Governmentality in France's Les Dieux ont soif

pp. 1062-1089

Pierre Corneille and Military Drama: Power, Potlatch, mérite

pp. 1090-1117


The Art of Survival: France and the Great War Picaresque by Libby Murphy (review)

pp. 1118-1120

Fashioning Spaces: Mode and Modernity in Late-Nineteenth-Century Paris by Heidi Brevik-Zender (review)

pp. 1120-1123

Théorèmes de la nature by Jean-Patrice Courtois (review)

pp. 1123-1126


pp. 1127-1131