restricted access   Volume 138, Number 4 (Whole Number 552), Winter 2017

Table of Contents


“These Metoikoi”: Living with Others, Living as Others in Aeschylus’ Oresteia

pp. 577-604

Xenophon the Philosopher: E Pluribus Plura

pp. 605-640

Putting the Wolf to Flight: Horace’s Disavowal and Deployment of Invective in C. 1.13–16 and 1.22

pp. 641-672

“The Cloud that (…) Sat on the Mountaintops”: A Narratological Analysis of Space in Livy’s Account of Quintus Fabius Maximus’ Dictatorship

pp. 673-706

Choose Your Own Adventure: An εἰκών of Socrates in the Prologue of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses

pp. 707-738

Moses Finley’s Communist Party Membership

pp. 739-742

Book Reviews

Traces of the Past. Classics between History & Archaeology by Karen Bassi (review)

pp. 743-746

Horace between Freedom and Slavery: The First Book of Epistles by Stephanie McCarter (review)

pp. 747-750

Roman Artisans and the Urban Economy by Cameron Hawkins (review)

pp. 750-754

Trade and Taboo. Disreputable Professions in the Roman Mediterranean by Sarah E. Bond (review)

pp. 754-758

Books Received

pp. 759-762