restricted access   Volume 15, Number 4, November 2017

Table of Contents


Stimuli-Responsive Transformation of Governance: A Case Study of China’s Central Administration of Labour

pp. 1-21

Encouraging “Grassroots Employment” for Chinese University Graduates: Promotion of “Socialist Citizenship” under Incentive Schemes

pp. 22-42

Fighting the Prairie Fire: Why do Local Party-States in China Respond to Contentious Challengers Differently?

pp. 43-68

How “Power–Interest Networks” Have Shaped Anti-Demolition Protests in Grassroots China

pp. 69-89

Adoption of the Market Mechanism and Its Impact on Illegal Land Use in China

pp. 90-110

The Price of Informality: How Informal Finance Schemes Defaulted in China, 1989–2015

pp. 111-135

The Building of National Conglomerates in China: The Fiscal Capacity of Local Governments and the Expansion of Central State-owned Enterprises

pp. 136-156

China’s “Going Out” Strategy in Southeast Asia: Case Studies of the Automobile and Electronics Sectors

pp. 157-178

Comments & Notes

Propensity, Intensity and Persistence of R&D Spending in Chinese Firms

pp. 179-203

China-ASEAN Relations

Resources for China–ASEAN Relations

pp. 204-212

China–Asean Relations July 2017 to September 2017: Important Documents

pp. 213-214