restricted access   Volume 24, Number 2, Fall / automne 2015

Table of Contents

Numéro spécial | Special Topic
Montréal, 1974: Rencontres internationales pour un nouveau cinéma

Directeurs invités | Guest editors: Mariano Mestman & Masha Salazkina


Introduction: Estates General of Third Cinema, Montreal '74

pp. 4-17

Le « troisième cinéma » au Québec : effervescence et lignes de faille

pp. 18-28

Algiers-Buenos Aires-Montreal: Third-worldist links in the creation of the Latin American Filmmakers Committee (1974)

pp. 29-40

Les brasiers de l'hexagone : Les cinémas militants français à Montréal (1974)

pp. 41-50

Militant Third World Film Distribution in the United States, 1970–1980

pp. 51-65

Dissonances in 1970s European and Latin American Political Film Discourse: The Aristarco – García Espinosa Debate

pp. 66-81

North and Sub-Saharan Africa at the Rencontres internationales pour un nouveau cinéma in Montreal, 1974: Background Notes

pp. 82-95

The British Contingent in Montreal

pp. 96-108

Entrevue | Interview

Questions de rencontres: Entrevue avec André Pâquet et Carol Faucher

pp. 109-129

Archival Material | Documents d’archives

Excerpts from | Extraits des Cahiers de Rencontres internationales pour un nouveau cinéma Montréal, 1974

1. Final Resolutions

pp. 130-142

2. List of participants

pp. 143-145

3. Directory of international groups and organizations

pp. 146-154

Book Reviews | Comptes rendus

Lois Weber In Early Hollywood by Shelley Stamp, and: Germaine Dulac: A Cinema Of Sensations by Tami Williams (review)

pp. 155-159

Saying It With Songs: Popular Music And The Coming Of Sound To Hollywood Cinema by Katherine Spring (review)

pp. 159-162

Tourner le dos : Sur l’envers du personnage au cinéma ed. by Benjamin Thomas (review)

pp. 162-165

Human Rights Film Festivals: Activism in Context by Sonia M. Tascón (review)

pp. 166-168

Bonnie Sherr Klein’s Not a Love Story by Rebecca Sullivan (review)

pp. 168-170

Contributor biographies / Biographies des contributeurs

pp. 171-173