restricted access   Volume 29, Issue 3, Winter 2017

Table of Contents

Editorial Introduction

pp. vii-x


Materializing "Family Pressure" among Taiwanese Queer Women

pp. 1-24

Lacerated Girls' Uniforms and What the Cuts May Engender

pp. 25-48

Locating A Transborder Archive of Queer Chicana Feminist and Mexican Lesbian Feminist Art

pp. 49-79

Gendering Geography: Space Politics in Nepali Tīj

pp. 80-109

Daring to Look: Women without "Faces" and Humanitarian Resentment

pp. 110-131

A Dossier on Lynne Huffer’s Are the Lips a Grave?

A Queer Feminist on the Ethics of Sex curated by Meridith Kruse and David A. Rubin


pp. 132-141

To Come Undone or Never to Have Been "Done" at All?: A Sounding of Lynne Huffer's Are the Lips a Grave?

pp. 142-149

Lesbians, Life, and Antiracist Ethics

pp. 150-155

Psychoanalysis's Tragedy

pp. 156-162

Sexual Difference in/and the Queer beyond of Ethics

pp. 163-171

Toward a Moral Theory of Sex, Its Lipkinkiness: On Oral, Labial, Dental Caesura, Fermata, Aria

pp. 172-178

"This Kinky Practice of Freedom": On Lips, Restoring Rifts, and Huffer's Queer Feminist Ethics of Eros

pp. 179-185

Rethinking Sexual Literacy in the Comp Classroom: Huffer, Alexander, Foucault

pp. 186-192

Ethics/Reading/Sex: Toward a New Historical Reading Practice?

pp. 193-197

Recursive, Restorative, Respite

pp. 198-207


Blazon for My Cyborg, and: "She who aims with her hand has forgotten the face of her father", and: Officer of the Year, and: Diversity Training

pp. 208-211

Book Reviews

Against Citizenship: The Violence of the Normative by Amy L. Brandzel (review)

pp. 212-215

Asegi Stories: Cherokee Queer and Two-Spirit Memory by Qwo-Li Driskill (review)

pp. 215-217

Thank you to Reviewers

pp. 218-220