restricted access   Volume 58, Number 8, November 2017

Table of Contents

Effects of Academic Mindsets on College Students’ Achievement and Retention

pp. 1119-1134

Queering Black Racial Identity Development

pp. 1135-1148

Queering la Familia: A Phenomenological Study Reconceptualizing Familial Capital for Queer Latino Men

pp. 1149-1165

Promoting First-Generation College Students’ Mental Well-Being: Student Perceptions of an Academic Enrichment Program

pp. 1166-1183

Trajectories of Student Leadership Development Through Training: An Analysis by Gender, Race, and Prior Exposure

pp. 1184-1200

“Setting Up for the Next Big Thing”: Undergraduate Women Engineering Students’ Postbaccalaureate Career Decisions

pp. 1201-1217

Depressive Symptomatology and Academic Achievement Among First-Year College Students: The Role of Effort Regulation

pp. 1218-1236

International Research

Tricia Seifert, Associate Editor

College Students’ Social Goals and Psychological Adjustment: Mediation via Emotion Regulation

pp. 1237-1255

Research in Brief

Jan Arminio & Robert D. Reason, Associate Editors

Psychometric Evaluation of the Work Acceptance and Action Questionnaire of Psychological Flexibility Modified for University Students

pp. 1256-1260

Moderating Influences of Student–Faculty Interactions on Students’ Graduate and Professional School Aspirations

pp. 1261-1267

Validation of the Community College Survey of Men: An Overview of the Intrapersonal Factors in the Noncognitive Domain

pp. 1267-1274

Measure of Development for Student Conduct Administration

pp. 1274-1280

Book Reviews

Maureen E. Wilson, Associate Editor

Improving Quality in American Higher Education: Learning Outcomes and Assessments for the 21st Century by Jillian Kinzie (review)

pp. 1281-1283