restricted access   Volume 172, Fall 2017

Table of Contents


“Introduction: Ahr-tik-yuh-leay-ting Ahr-tis-tik Ree-surch”

pp. 5-8

“What Happens When...?”: A Meditation on Experimentation and Communication in Practices of Artistic Research

pp. 9-13

Work Quickly but Think Slowly

pp. 14-17

Connective Tissue: Practice as Research in Cross-disciplinary Research Collaborations

pp. 18-22

The Larval Journey

pp. 23-27


Artistic Research: An Articulation

pp. 87-97

“[So] What Do Dancers Know, [Anyway]?”: Voicing the Dancer’s Perspective through Emergent Choreographic Analysis

pp. 28-32

A Way to Work on My Problem without Knowing What It Is

pp. 33-36

Rhythm and Rumination: A Three-Course Conversation

pp. 37-41

Of Puppets and Prototypes—Proposals for an Intermedial Performance Design Practice

pp. 42-47

The Invisible Opportunity: All the Light We Cannot See (in Research)

pp. 48-51

To ‘Hack’ and Back: The Professional Actor as Researcher

pp. 52-54

Photo Collection

pp. 55-57

A Practitioner’s Attempt at Quantifying the Actor’s Experience

pp. 58-62

Practice and Research: A Report from the Academy

pp. 63-67

Listening to Animals: Interspecies Understandings through Performance-Based Research

pp. 68-72

Interactive Research: Media | Animator | Performer

pp. 73-76

Terms of Engagement: The Ethics and Aesthetics of Artistic Experimentation in the Rencontres/Encounters Project. A Dialogue of Sorts.

pp. 77-81

The Making of Making Treaty 7: A Practical, Philosophical and Ideological Templatefor Intercultural Collaboration

pp. 82-86

Views and Reviews


pp. 98-99

You’re Invited, Canada: What I learned about making theatre from The Tragically Hip

pp. 100-104

Kiviuq Returns: A Collaborative and Decolonized Process for Creating Inuit Theatre

pp. 105-109

A New Vision for Intercultural Theatre Practice: From Toronto to London to Cairo with First Draft

pp. 110-114

Curating a Theatrical Commons

pp. 115-118

Intermission and the Revolution of Audience Communication

pp. 119-122