restricted access   Volume 89, Number 2, Summer 2017

Table of Contents

Nordic Whiteness

Guest edited by Catrin Lundström and Benjamin R. Teitelbaum

Nordic Whiteness: An Introduction

pp. 151-158


Implicitly White: Right-Wing Nihilism and the Politicizing of Ethnocentrism in Multiracial Sweden

pp. 159-178

Embodying Exoticism: Gendered Nuances of Swedish Hyper-Whiteness in the United States

pp. 179-199

Swedes, Mormons, and Impossible Bodies: Scandinavian Whiteness in the American West

pp. 200-216

Hierarchies of Desirability: Racialized Cartographies in Media Discourses on Relationships between Finns and Foreigners (1982–1992)

pp. 217-239

White Like Me: Whiteness in Scandinavian Transnational Adoption Literature

pp. 240-265

"I want us to trade our skins and our experiences": Swedish Whiteness and "Immigrant Literature"

pp. 266-286


Vikings across the Atlantic: Emigration and the Building of a Greater Norway, 1860–1945 by Daron W. Olson (review)

pp. 287-291

Secularism, Theology, and Islam: The Danish Social Imaginary and the Cartoon Crisis of 2005–2006 by Jennifer Elisa Veninga (review)

pp. 291-294

Viking Dublin: The Wood Quay Excavations by Patrick F. Wallace (review)

pp. 294-297

From America to Norway: Norwegian-American Immigrant Letters 1838–1914 ed. & trans. by Orm Øverland (review)

pp. 297-299