restricted access   Volume 56, Number 2, 2017

Table of Contents

Editors’ Note

p. 127


The Search for Tsunami Evidence in the Geological and Archaeological Records, With a Focus on Japan

pp. 132-165

Bronze Age Subsistence Change at Regional and Microscopic Scales in Northeast China

pp. 166-190

Biocultural Practices during the Transition to History at the Vat Komnou Cemetery, Angkor Borei, Cambodia

pp. 191-236

Earliest Dates of Microlithic Industries (42–25 ka) from West Bengal, Eastern India: New Light on Modern Human Occupation in the Indian Subcontinent

pp. 237-259

Book Reviews

Before Siam: Essays in Art and Archaeology ed. by Nicolas Revire, Stephen A. Murphy (review)

pp. 260-262

Ancient China and the Yue: Perceptions and Identities on the Southern Frontier, c. 400 B.C.E.–50 C.E. by Erica Brindley (review)

pp. 262-267


Phasook Indrawooth: (10 May 1945 – 7 September 2016)

pp. 268-271