restricted access   Volume 25, Number 1, 2016

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Othello and his Islands

Issue Editor: Lisa Hopkins

Othello and his Islands: Papers from the First Three Othello’s Island Conferences*

pp. 1-4

‘Are we turned Turks?’: The Cyprus Problem in Othello, Soliman and Perseda, and Selimus

pp. 5-17

‘For Christian Shame’: Othello’s fall and the Early Modern Conversion Play

pp. 19-31

For Pleasure and Profit: The Recreational and Fiscal Exploitation of animals in Lusignan and Venetian Cyprus (1192–1570)

pp. 33-50

Love and War on Venus’ Island: Othello and The Lover’s Melancholy

pp. 51-63

‘Cyprus Lawn’: Robert Herrick, Collectors, and the Mediterranean Trade in Art

pp. 65-82

The Ottomanisation of Cyprus: Towards a Spatial Imagination beyond the Centre-Province Binary

pp. 83-98

Book Reviews

Benigno Zerafa (1726–1804) and the Neapolitan Galant Style by Frederick Aquilina (review)

pp. 99-102

Insularity—Representations and Constructions of Small Worlds ed. by Katrin Dautel and Kathrin Schödel (review)

pp. 102-103

Insularity: Small Worlds in Linguistic and Cultural Perspectives ed. by Heimath Ralf and Kremer Arndt (review)

pp. 103-105

The Arab Spring and the Geopolitics of the Middle East: Emerging Security Threats and Revolutionary Change by A. Yossef and J. R. Cerami (review)

pp. 105-107