restricted access   Volume 8, Number 1, 1998

Table of Contents


pp. 1-7

L’Utilisation des Théâtres Antiques

pp. 8-13

The Conservation and Use of Ancient Theatres in Modern Greece-Current Issues Relating to the Epidauros Theatre

pp. 14-19

Ancient Greek Theatres: Their Protection and Promotion - Problems and Perspectives Concerning Their Use

pp. 20-26

Sanctuaires Antiques et Festival: Le Cas de Baalbek (Liban)

pp. 27-32

Ritual Spaces, Contested Places: The Case of the Maltese Prehistoric Temple Sites

pp. 33-45

Performance in Ancient Sites: A Convergence of Cultural Values

pp. 46-56

The Greek Drama in Italian Contemporary Theatre: A Historical Perspective

pp. 57-72

Theatrical Spaces in Search of Spectators: Ancient Theatres in Israel

pp. 73-83

‘I Shall Go to Him’ on Space and Other Biblical Theatricalities in IISam. 11, 12

pp. 84-107

Archaeological Objects and Mobile Exhibition Units – The Case of Theasis

pp. 108-115

An Exhibition on Tragic Theatre

pp. 116-121

Anciens Sites Rituels et Théâtraux Action Pédagogique autour du Théâtre Antique d’Arles

pp. 122-124

Appendix I: Charter on the Use of Ancient Places of Performance

pp. 125-128

Appendix II

pp. 134-136

Book Reviews

Costume in Malta: An History of Fabric, Form and Fashion ed. by Nicholas de Piro, Vicki Ann Cremona (review)

pp. 137-139

Theatre Audiences: A Theory of Production and Reception by Susan Bennett (review)

pp. 139-141