restricted access   Volume 1, Number 1, 1991

Table of Contents

Editorial Foreword

Editorial Foreword

pp. v-vi

Authors in Search of a Character: Personhood, Agency and Identity in the Mediterranean

pp. 1-17

Obstacles to the Development of a Yugoslav National Consciousness: Ethnic Identity and Folk Culture in the Balkans1

pp. 18-36

Strangers and Gifts: Hostility and Hospitality in Rural Greece

pp. 37-53

‘To Suffer and Never to Die’: The Concept of Suffering in the Cult of Padre Pio Da Pietrelcina

pp. 54-67

El Niño Que No Llora, No Mama: Patronage and Protest in an Andalusian Village

pp. 68-86

Ritual, Play and Identity: Changing Patterns of Celebration in Maltese Villages1

pp. 87-100

The Power of the Dead: Changes in the Construction and Care of Graves and Family Vaults on a Small Greek Island

pp. 101-119

Inside Out and Outside In: Gossip, Hospitality and the Greek Character

pp. 120-134

Discussion Section

An Ironic Mirror: Michael Herzfeld on Greece, Anthropology and the Anthropology of Greece

pp. 135-140

On Mediterraneanist Performances

pp. 141-147

A Return to the Pueblo: A Review of David Gilmore’s Aggression and Community

pp. 148-151

Some Reflections on Guarino’s Reading of Aggression and Community

pp. 152-155

Books Received

p. 156

Films and Video Tapes Received

p. 156

Brief Notes for Contributors

p. 156