restricted access   Volume 60, Number 3, Fall 2017

Table of Contents

In Memoriam

p. iii

Editor's Note

pp. v-vi

Monist Dramaturgy in Strindberg's The Black Glove

pp. 251-277

Feeling Privileged: The Shame of Whiteness in Caroline, or Change

pp. 278-295

Sarah Bernhardt's Exteriority Effects

pp. 296-321

Feeling, Sensation, and Being Moved: Case Studies in Affective Performance

pp. 322-341

Samuel Beckett's Hypnotic Theatre

pp. 342-363

Strains of the Enlightenment: Making Belief in American Secularism and African Difference in The Book of Mormon

pp. 364-386


Rewriting Narratives in Egyptian Theatre: Translation, Performance, Politics ed. by Sirkku Aaltonen and Areeg Ibrahim (review)

pp. 387-389

Performing Noncitizenship: Asylum Seekers in Australian Theatre, Film and Activism by Emma Cox (review)

pp. 389-391

Beat Drama: Playwrights and Performances of the "Howl" Generation ed. by Deborah R. Geis (review)

pp. 392-394

Latin Numbers: Playing Latino in Twentieth-Century U.S. Popular Performance by Brian Eugenio Herrera (review)

pp. 394-396

The Racial Mundane: Asian American Performance and the Embodied Everyday by Ju Yon Kim (review)

pp. 397-399

The Birth of Theater from the Spirit of Philosophy: Nietzsche and the Modern Drama by David Kornhaber (review)

pp. 399-401

So Near, Yet So Far: Badal Sircar's Third Theatre by Manujendra Kundu (review)

pp. 401-404

Performing Age in Modern Drama by Valerie Barnes Lipscomb (review)

pp. 404-406