restricted access   Volume 50, Number 3/numéro 3, Fall 2016/automne 2016

Table of Contents

A Little East of Eden: Re-Placing Canada’s Public Health History

pp. 511-537

The Disposition of the Ladies: Mi’kmaw Women and the Removal of the King’s Road Reserve, Sydney, Nova Scotia

pp. 538-565

Low-Income Dynamics in Canadian Society: Debates on Low-Income Measures and New Empirical Evidence

pp. 566-591

Scholarship on Moroccan Jews in Canada: Multidisciplinary, Multilingual, and Diasporic

pp. 592-612

La reddition de comptes au Gouvernement du Québec sous la Loi sur l’administration publique : Étude comparative de six organismes entre 2000 et 2012

pp. 613-638

In Search of Monkey Girl: Disability, Child Welfare, and the Freak Show in Ontario in the 1970s1

pp. 639-668

Turning Point: The Origins of Canadian Content Requirements for Commercial Radio

pp. 669-690

Real Canadians: Exclusion, Participation, Belonging, and Male Military Mobilization in Wartime Canada, 1939-45

pp. 691-726

Governing Indigenous Sports and Recreation, 1972–2008: Citizenship Regimes, Nation-Building, and the Politics of Ambivalence

pp. 727-755

Reviews / Comptes Rendus

Oil, Democracy, and Political Ecology in Alberta’s Tar Sands

pp. 756-765

Archives Digital and Otherwise: Recent Books on Archiving Canadian Writing

pp. 766-777

Contributors • Collaborateurs

pp. 778-779