restricted access   Volume 34, Number 2, August 2017

Table of Contents


No More Clubbing: The Evolution of Exchange Rate Behaviour in the ASEAN-5 Countries

pp. 233-265

FTA Use in Export-Platform FDI: Evidence from Exports to China by Japanese Affiliates in ASEAN

pp. 266-282

Restructuring the SOE Sector in Vietnam

pp. 283-301

Government Policies, Regional Trading Agreements and the Economic Performance of Local Electronics Component Producing SMEs in Malaysia

pp. 302-321

Indonesia's Guaranteed Microfinance Programme (KUR): Lessons from the First Stage of Implementation

pp. 322-344

The Impact of Household Credit on Consumption in Laos

pp. 345-366

Research Notes

Late Development Through and Beyond Deep Integration: The Evolution of Taiwan's Economic Links with Southeast Asia

pp. 367-387

Automation, Computerization and Future Employment in Singapore

pp. 388-399

Policy Note

Establishing an Export Credit Guarantee Scheme to Support Myanmar Exporters?: An Exploration

pp. 400-416

Book Reviews

Connecting South Asia and Southeast Asia by Asia Development Bank and the Asia Development Bank Institute (review)

pp. 417-419

The Trans-Pacific Partnership and the Path to Free Trade in the Asia Pacific ed by Peter C.Y. Chow (review)

pp. 419-420

The ASEAN Comprehensive Investment Agreement: The Regionalisation of Laws and Policy on Foreign Investment By Julien Chaisse and Sufian Jusoh (review)

pp. 420-423

Asia–Africa Development Divergence: A Question of Intent by David Henley (review)

pp. 423-425

Cultures of Development: Vietnam, Brazil and the Unsung Vanguard of Prosperity by Jonathan Warren (review)

pp. 425-427

Unequal Thailand: Aspects of Income, Wealth and Power ed. by Pasuk Phongpaichit and Chris Baker (review)

pp. 427-429

Central Banking as State Building: Policymakers and Their Nationalism in the Philippines, 1933–1964 by Yusuke Takagi (review)

pp. 429-430

The Oil Palm Complex: Smallholders, Agribusiness and the State in Indonesia and Malaysia ed. by Rob Cramb and John F. McCarthy (review)

pp. 430-431