restricted access   Volume 40, Number 1, Winter 2017

Table of Contents

Caste and Life Narratives

Guest Editors: S. Shankar and Charu Gupta

Editor's Introduction

"My Birth is My Fatal Accident": introduction to caste and life narratives

pp. 1-15

Literary Lives

Speaking Self , Writing Caste: Recovering the Life of Santram BA

pp. 16-43

The Dalit Personal Narrative In Hindi: Reflections On A Long Literary Lineage

pp. 44-63

Tamil Dalit Literature: Aesthetics, Politics, and Life Narratives

pp. 64-76

Bending Biography: The Creative Intrusions of "Real Lives" in Dalit Fiction

pp. 77-92

Lives in Visual and Performance Cultures

Periyar as a Biopic: Star Persona, Historical Events, and Politics

pp. 93-115

Affective Returns: Biopics as Life Narratives

pp. 116-139

Caste Life Narratives, Visual Representation, And Protected Ignorance

pp. 140-169

Mangala Bansode and the Social Life of Tamasha: Caste, Sexuality, and Discrimination in Modern Maharashtra

pp. 170-198

Law, Society, and Narratives of the Self

Brahmanical Activism As Eco-Casteism: Reading The Life Narratives Of Bindeshwar Pathak, Sulabh International, And "Liberated" Dalits

pp. 199-221

Invisibility of "Other" Dalits and Silence in the Law

pp. 222-243

Out of India

Stories Of Dalit Diaspora: Migration, Life Narratives, And Caste In The Us

pp. 244-264

Caste in Japan: The Burakumin

pp. 265-287


p. 288

Select Bibliography

pp. 289-292


pp. 293-297