restricted access   Volume 101, Number 3, July 2017

Table of Contents

Special Issue on Jeffrey S. Gurock and the study of American Jewish History

Guest Editors: Zev Eleff, Kimmy Caplan, and Adam Ferziger


pp. vi-viii


Editors’ Introduction

pp. ix-xiv

A Survey of Jewish History: An Early Representation of Orthodox Historiography on American Soil1

pp. 227-246

Rabbi Haim Hirschensohn: An Orthodox Rabbi Responds to the Balfour Declaration1

pp. 247-269

Reverence and Integration: Boy Scouts, Jewish Camping and American Orthodoxy

pp. 271-295

American Jewish Leaders and the North Africa Controversy of 1943: Applying the Gurock Principle

pp. 297-310

Who Built New York?: Jewish Builders in the Interwar Decades

pp. 311-335

Signposts: Writing Women into American Jewish History

pp. 337-355

The Immigration Clause that Transformed Orthodox Judaism in the United States

pp. 357-376

Federation Men: The Masculine World of New York Jewish Philanthropy, 1880–1945

pp. 377-399

Review Essay

Modern Orthodox Judaism: A Documentary History ed. by Zev Eleff (review)

pp. 401-404


The Jewish Oregon Story, 1950 – 2010 by Ellen Eisenberg (review)

pp. 405-407

Louis Bamberger: Department Store Innovator and Philanthropist by Linda B. Forgosh (review)

pp. 407-409

From Nuremberg to Hollywood: The Holocaust and the Courtroom in American Fictive Film by James Jordan (review)

pp. 410-412

New York’s Yiddish Theater: From the Bowery to Broadway ed. by Edna Nahshon (review)

pp. 412-414

Serious Fun at Jewish Community Summer Camp: Family, Judaism, and Israel by Celia E. Rothenberg (review)

pp. 414-416

Alleged Nazi Collaborators in the United States after World War II by Christoph Schiessl (review)

pp. 416-418