restricted access   Volume 40, Number 3, Spring 2017

Table of Contents

Special Issue: Modernist miscommunication and modernist communities

Woolf cluster

"A Many-Sided Substance": The Philosophy of Conversation in Woolf, Russell, and Kant

pp. 1-17

Those Dots: Suspension and Interruption in Virginia Woolf's Three Guineas and Between the Acts

pp. 18-34

"Vociferating through the megaphone": Theatre, Consciousness, and the Voice from the Bushes in Virginia Woolf's Between the Acts

pp. 35-51

The Genesis of Virginia Woolf's Late Cultural Criticism

pp. 52-55

Modernism and the Challenge of Aurality

pp. 56-65

Modernism and after

Gender Identity and Promiscuous Identification: Reading (in) Rebecca West's The Return of the Soldier

pp. 66-83

The Betrayed Father: Wyndham Lewis, Homosexuality, and Enemy of the Stars

pp. 84-101

Nabokov's Shadow-Line

pp. 102-119

Querying and Queering Golden Age Detection: Gladys Mitchell's Speedy Death and Popular Modernism

pp. 120-134

Historical Restoration, Narrative Agency, and Silence in Graham Swift's Waterland

pp. 135-152

Before the Barriers Came Up

pp. 153-156

Muddling Modernity

pp. 157-160

Stein After Will: A Review

pp. 161-165

Deconstructive Arming

pp. 166-177

Long Live the English Gentleman

pp. 178-180

Queers against Death

pp. 181-185