restricted access   Volume 60, 2014

Table of Contents

Economy and Aesthetics

The Reverse of Images (By Way of an Introduction)

pp. 1-5


The Quality of Mercy Is Not Strained

pp. 9-26

On the Concept of a "Seignioral" Power

pp. 27-39

Things of this World: On the Common Origin of Art and Market

pp. 41-54

How Money Legitimizes Inequality

pp. 55-65

"Personation" and the Division of Labor

pp. 67-80

The Customs House of Hades: Why Dickens and Gogol Traffic with the Underworld

pp. 81-103

"This Globe, Full of Figures": Woolf's Comprehensive Economy

pp. 105-123

Debt and the Moral Imagination in Middlemarch

pp. 125-148

The Allure of Money: Hollywood's Reconfiguration of Wall Street

pp. 149-182

The Poetic Numismatics of Aloysius Bertrand

pp. 183-197

Cats (and Creditors) Do Not Exist

pp. 199-220


The Ugly Baby and the Beautiful Corpse: Robert Yarber's Gnostic Comedy

pp. 224-272

Photography and the World: The Total World and Many, Many Worlds

pp. 274-295

Horst Frenz Prize Essay

The World Within: Worlding Theory and the Language of Method in World Literature

pp. 299-313