restricted access   Volume 28, Number 1, March 2017

Table of Contents


The Global Renaissance

pp. 1-30

The Jesuit Heresiological Discourse as an Enlightenment Project in Early Modern China

pp. 31-60

Japanese Colonialism in Comparative Perspective

pp. 61-98

Special Forum

Commodity Frontiers and the Global History of Capitalism: A Discussion about Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton

Editor's Introduction

pp. 101-105

Cotton and the Global Origins of Capitalism

pp. 107-120

Empire of Cotton and the Global Countryside

pp. 121-130

Cotton, Capitalism, and Coercion: Some Comments on Sven Beckert’s Empire of Cotton

pp. 131-140

Book Reviews

Historians Debate the Rise of the West by Jonathan Daly (review)

pp. 141-143

Europe after Empire: Decolonization, Society, and Culture by Elizabeth Buettner (review)

pp. 143-145

Hitler at Home by Despina Stratigakos, and: Stormtrooper Families: Homosexuality and Community in the Early Nazi Movement by Andrew Wackerfuss (review)

pp. 145-150

Patriarchal Moments: Reading Patriarchal Texts ed. by Cesare Cuttica, Gaby Mahlberg, and: Feminist Moments: Reading Feminist Texts ed. by Susan Bruce, Katherine Smits (review)

pp. 150-153

Protest, Defiance and Resistance in the Channel Islands: German Occupation, 1940–45 by Gilly Carr, Paul Sanders, Louise Willmot, and: Elusive Alliance: The German Occupation of Poland in World War I by Jesse Kauffman, and: German Colonialism in a Global Age ed. by Bradley Naranch and Geoff Eley, and: The German War: A Nation Under Arms, 1939–1945: Citizens and Soldiers by Nicholas Stargardt (review)

pp. 154-161

Rivalry for Trade in Tea and Textiles: The English and Dutch East India Companies (1700–1800) by Chris Nierstrasz, and: Trade and Empire in Early Nineteenth-Century Southeast Asia: Gillian Maclaine and His Business Network by G. Roger Knight, and: Money in Asia (1200–1900): Small Currencies in Social and Political Contexts ed. by Jane Kate Leonard, Ulrich Theobald (review)

pp. 161-169

Exile in Colonial Asia: Kings, Convicts, Commemoration ed. by Ronit Ricci (review)

pp. 169-171

Circulations in the Global History of Art ed. by Thomas Dacosta Kaufmann, Catherine Dossin, Béatrice Joyeux-Prunel (review)

pp. 172-174

The City: A World History by Andrew Lees (review)

pp. 175-177

Science and Technology in World History: An Introduction by James E. McClellan, Harold Dorn, and: Silk and Tea in the North: Scandinavian Trade and the Market for Asian Goods in Eighteenth-Century Europe by Hanna Hodacs, and: The Great Knowledge Transcendence: The Rise of Western Science and Technology Reframed by Dengjian Jin, and: The Global Lives of Things: The Material Culture of Connections in the Early Modern World ed. by Anne Gerritsen, Giorgio Riello (review)

pp. 178-183

Books Received

pp. 185-186