restricted access   Volume 34, Number 1, 2017

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Editor's Note

pp. ix-xiii


Envisioning America’s Future: Lydia Maria Child and Social Justice


pp. 1-3

Honoring Lydia Maria Child's Legacy: An Inclusive Vision for an Author Society

pp. 4-7

Lydia Maria Child's Legacy to the Twenty-First Century: The Law of Love versus Religious Bigotry, Anti-Immigrant Hysteria, and Mass Incarceration

pp. 8-12

Fostering the Future: Lydia Maria Child's Environmental Engagements in The Juvenile Miscellany and Beyond

pp. 13-16

The Cost of the Gift: Gender and Labor in Lydia Maria Child's Writings

pp. 17-20

The Problems of Citizenship: Revisiting Lydia Maria Child's Letters from New-York through a Social Justice Lens

pp. 21-24

Lydia Maria Child's Abolition Democracy, and Ours

pp. 25-28

If We Are Brave Enough to Accept: Taking on the Challenges of Lydia Maria Child Today

pp. 29-32


Theorizing Democratic Feelings, Disagreement, and the Temporal Child in Catharine Maria Sedgwick's The Linwoods

pp. 33-52

Black Classical Ruins and American Memory in the Poetry of H. Cordelia Ray

pp. 53-81

"The Queer Feeling We All Know": Queer Objects and Orientations in Edith Wharton's (Haunted) Houses

pp. 82-105

The Heart of Capitalism: Contested Visions of Labor Reform in Lurana Sheldon's Department Store Novels

pp. 106-128

Legacy Features Forum

Susanna Rowson’s Sincerity and the Just Teach One Project


pp. 129-131

Legacy Reprint

Excerpts from Sincerity; A Novel in a Series of Original Letters, by Susanna Rowson

pp. 132-140

Female Relationships in Susanna Rowson's Sincerity: The Bechdel Test and American Literature Syllabi

pp. 141-150

"Oh That I Were a Man!": Susanna Rowson's Lesson on Marital Entrapment

pp. 151-161

Seriality and Susanna Rowson's Sincerity

pp. 162-171

Six Lessons from the Just Teach One Project on Recovering Susanna Rowson's Sincerity

pp. 172-182

Scrupulous Sincerity: Susanna Rowson's Sentimental and Gothic Turns

pp. 183-193

Canonical Predicaments

pp. 194-197

Review Essays

Legible Natives: Making Native Women Visible in the Literary Arts

pp. 198-211

Alternate Origin Stories and Unexpected Archives: The Question of the Indigenous Literary

pp. 212-220

Book Reviews

Gender and Race in Antebellum Popular Culture by Sarah N. Roth (review)

pp. 221-223

Selected Writings of Ella Higginson: Inventing Pacific Northwest Literature ed. by Laura Laffrado (review)

pp. 223-226