restricted access   Volume 50, Number/numéro 2, Spring/printemps 2016

Table of Contents

Re-imagining the House of Old: Promising Practices in Canadian Long-Term Residential Care / Réinventer la maison de vieillesse : Pratiques prometteuses en soins de longue durée au Canada

Megan J. Davies and Rachel Barken, Guest Editors

Introduction: Re-imagining the House of Old / Réinventer la maison de vieillesse

pp. 265-272

There's No Place like Home: Designing for Long-Term Residential Care in Canada

pp. 273-298

Promising Practices in Long-Term Residential Care: Where Do Physicians Fit In (or Don't They)?

pp. 299-320

Family Matters: The Work and Skills of Family/Friend Carers in Long-Term Residential Care

pp. 321-347

Policies and Practices: The Case of RAI-MDS in Canadian Long-Term Care Homes

pp. 348-367

Changes and Continuities in the Workplace of Long-Term Residential Care in Canada, 1970–2015

pp. 368-395

Intensifying Relational Care: The Challenge of Dying in Long-Term Residential Care

pp. 396-421

Imagining Gerontological Nursing: Canadian Nurses and Eldercare, 1905–70

pp. 422-445

A Humanist in the House of Old: Moyra Jones and Early Dementia Care in Canada

pp. 446-481

The Canadian Long-Term Residential Care System: A British Perspective

pp. 482-490

A Norwegian View on Canadian Long-Term Residential Care

pp. 491-498

Residential Care for Older People: Are There Lessons to Be Learned from Sweden?

pp. 499-507

Contributors • Collaborateurs

pp. 508-509