restricted access   Issue 123, 2017

Table of Contents


pp. vi-3

Summer Maze

pp. 4-19

Fear in the Age of Displacement

pp. 20-39

Instructions in Times of Emergency, and: The Lake Behind You, and: Makak

pp. 40-42

On Being an African Intellectual

pp. 44-61

His Excellency

pp. 62-75

In A Fisted Universe

p. 76

Feeling Precarious

pp. 78-88


p. 89

Children of the Light Fellowship

pp. 90-101


p. 102

Fear and Courage: A conversation

pp. 104-117


pp. 118-131

Gulu-Kasese, and: Mourning Kaka's Craft

pp. 132-133

Damned. Gifts

pp. 134-139

Last Night In Asaba

pp. 140-151

In Search of Black Italia: Notes on race, belonging, and activism in the black Mediterranean

pp. 152-174

Boy Soldier and the Night

p. 175

Head Master

pp. 176-193

Earth, and: Clowns Dancing Under a Blue Tent

pp. 194-195

Mandula Republic

pp. 196-209


pp. 210-214

The Pier

pp. 216-231

05/123 Contributors

pp. 232-238